RFP: Feasibility Study for Legacy Project

RFP: Feasibility Study for Legacy Project





ISSUE DATE:  March 15, 2014

RESPONSE DEADLINE:  April 15, 2014, 5:00 PM EST


Partners Achieving Community Transformation (PACT) and the Coalition for the Responsible and Sustainable Development of the Near East Side (Coalition), in conjunction with Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) and other partner stakeholders, seek a qualified candidate to perform a Feasibility Study (Study) for the James Preston Poindexter Legacy Project (Intended Project) in accordance with but not limited to the guidelines set forth in the CMHA Response to (Poindexter Village) Expert Group Report of July 18, 2013 which state, in pertinent part:

CMHA embraces and recognizes the significant history and legacy of Poindexter Village and wants to honor the role the community has played in the historic African-American Near East Side Neighborhood of Columbus, therefore CMHA is working to arrive at a non-residential historic preservation solution for two of the Poindexter Village structures.

CMHA wants to recapture the spirit of hope and possibility that once existed in this neighborhood. Towards that end, CMHA partnered with the City of Columbus and the Ohio State University to investigate the needs and possibilities of the area and to provide a catalyst for change. These three partners together created PACT, or Partners Achieving Community Transformation. PACT has been charged with engaging the community and stakeholders to create a vision for the revitalization of the Near East Side, an area that includes the Poindexter Village site as well as the broader neighborhood. Through two years of public meetings, open houses, community conversations, and other events, a basic shared vision emerged for the Near East Side: the neighborhood will “prosper as a revitalized and diverse mixed-income neighborhood that builds on its important history and current residents while welcoming new and returning neighbors…Quality housing for all; healthy, educated and employed residents; vibrant streets and beautiful green spaces; thriving retail; and above all a safe environment will be the defining hallmarks of our neighborhood.”

A series of project goals were identified by PACT, which include:

  • Promoting a healthy community full of cultural and economic diversity
  • Serving as a catalyst for additional community redevelopment efforts
  • Encouraging commercial and retail development
  • Providing education, job-training, employment, and recreation opportunities
  • Being inclusive of all stakeholders in redevelopment decisions

While looking towards the future, CMHA also wants to remember and honor the past. CMHA would like to see two of the original Poindexter buildings preserved to provide a visual reminder of the site’s past. In addition, CMHA is committed to working with the Columbus Historical Society to create a museum-worthy exhibit on the history of Poindexter. Toward this end, we will contract with a historic preservation consultant to produce an interpretive exhibit documenting the history of Poindexter Village that will include the following:

  • Images, with corresponding captions, of the “Blackberry Patch”, the neighborhood that was demolished to facilitate construction of Poindexter Village
  • Narrative elements describing the historic and architectural significance of Poindexter Village and the role of the federal government in its establishment and design
  • Image, drawings, and plans explaining the layout of Poindexter Village, its intended purpose, and its relative novelty
  • Images documenting construction of the project
  • Historic images depicting life within Poindexter Village
  • Footage and/or transcripts of interviews with former residents
  • Donated artifacts that tell the story of life in the project

Information on PACT and Near East Side development can be found at: eastpact.org

Information on the Coalition can be found at:


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